The Toxicology department is equipped with animal rooms, quarantine rooms, laboratories for test item preparation and administration and laboratories for extraction of biological samples and necropsies.

Our toxicology installations have been designed to allow separation of clean areas from those used for routine animal handling, as well as allowing separate areas for animal reception and experimentation.

Our animal rooms can house three different animal species at any one time, with independent control of each animal room’s temperature, humidity, air pressure and light cycle.

Barrier-protected animal housing (positive pressure) allows the performance of long-term studies. Additionally, facilities exist to allow independent housing of immunodepressed animals under SPF conditions.


The toxicology department at Preclinical S.L. can carry out a wide range of toxicological studies required to guarantee the safety of a product in compliance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards. Our laboratory has accumulated a wide experience in testing products for both human and veterinary pharmaceutical use, natural products and derivatives, cosmetics, food additives and both industrial and agricultural chemicals, among others.

The range of our toxicology services includes:

• Acute toxicity tests

• Tolerance, irritation and sensibilization tests

• Repeated dose toxicity (subacute, subchronic and chronic) tests

• Mutagenicity tests

• Reproductive toxicology tests

• In-vitro toxicology tests, specifically alternative toxicology testing for the cosmetic industry.